Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Comments from those reading the book

Please share here how the book is affecting you. Here's a starter comment from Julie Estep of Chico, CA, one of the first people to buy it.

"I suppose it need not be said that the book is a “bridge-building” tour de force, given its ambition and scope. It echoes and grounds conversations that, doubtlessly, innumerable New Agers, meta-philosophers, mystics, and non-traditionalists have been constructing in their heads for decades. Your book provides a succinct, precise, and unique mirror, which is one of the many things that make the piece so valuable. Readers will say: “OmiGod! Yes! Exactly! Thank you!”"


  1. Just finished the book. I loved it, cover to cover. I have a new appreciation for honest and sincere Christian Fundamentalism as expressed in the words and deeds of Bishop Thomas.

    Gary Estep, Chico CA

  2. Hi Terri,Greetings from the rockbound coast of Maine. No, I am not an elusive apparition that disappeared after the June Incubator at Boulder -just a busy mom of a teenage boy, full time worker and loving wife who is not a social network/Facebook regular. (I prefer LinkedIn). I remember fondly our walks and talks and engaging supper w-Cook Greuters.. You, dear friend are a gift to this troubled and SEEKING world. I love your book and wish my Episcopal Priest Dad Darby Betts and Bishop Godfather Jim Pike could sit in on the conversations with "your" Bishop now and then...ahhh... but perhaps they already do? Visit the church called St.Clements in Alexandria VA and you will meet my Dad. He designed the place..There you will experience it is not what we have yet to learn but what we must remember/have forgotten to ask our loving Jesus.. when added to the context of new discoveries in Science that will move our spiritual consciousness to the proper plane. Your clear questions point to the dramatic thirst we spiritual more than religious tier 2 lonely souls yearn to quench. Keep ASKING..and call me at Maine Maritime sometime. NAMASTE. Victoria