Saturday, July 9, 2011

Polairities: Religious Seekers and Finders both Right

Barry Johnson
More and more, I am seeing my experience as a spiritual seeker among those who believe they've found the Truth to be an uncovering of polarities.  Barry Johnson, a leader in the hot field of polarity management, defines polarities as "situations in which both conflicting points of view are true."  Polarities are unavoidable  problems which cannot be solved, but can only be managed, he says.

Some of the polarities I run up against in my experiences recounted in The Bishop and the Seeker are
  • Self vs. Group
  • Action vs. Surrender
  • Intuition vs. Standards
  • Union vs Communion with God
I hope to be using the concept of polarities in the future as I seek to "manage" these conflicts in my own life and in my several spiritual communities.

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